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work out... at work?

Have you ever gotten up for lunch and realized you hadn’t moved from your desk all morning? Do you feel aches and pains that get worse as the day goes on? Here is an exercise routine that you can try to get your body moving every hour. Take just 2 minutes at the top of the hour and 10 minutes at lunch to help keep your body moving and strong.

9 AM: seated marches (10 each leg)- sit up tall in your chair and lift one knee up like a march then return your foot to the floor and lift the opposite knee up, keep your trunk tall and upright to limit side to side rocking

10 AM: doorway/corner pec stretch (2x30 seconds)- go to a doorway or corner and place your hands on the wall at about shoulder height, slowly lean forward until a stretch is felt in the front of your chest

11 AM: sit to stand (20 repetitions)- stand up from chair and sit back down, to increase the challenge, tap bottom to chair then stand up without completely sitting down

12 PM: 10 minute brisk walk- LUNCH TIME! take advantage of this time for yourself, go on a brisk 10 minute walk to get your heart rate up and your blood pumping

1 PM: heel raises (20 repetitions)- pushing up onto toes while standing and slowly lowering to floor, be sure not to use hands to help push yourself up

2 PM: shoulder rolls (20 each direction)- sit up tall and roll your shoulders forward and backward

3 PM: seated trays (20 repetitions)- sit up tall and bring hands in front of body with elbows bend and palms facing up, turn hands out away from one another as you squeeze your shoulder blades together

4 PM: chin tucks (10 repetitions holding each 10 seconds)- sit up tall and gently tuck chin down toward chest as you bring head back in line with shoulders, should feel like you are elongating your neck

5 PM: Congrats you made it!

Other tips include parking further from the entrance, take the stairs instead of elevator (or elevator part way then stairs the rest of the way), and walking to talk to a colleague instead of emailing. Always be mindful of your comfort and safety when performing exercises. Ask a healthcare professional if you have questions regarding any of these exercises and the safety for you to perform it.

Happy healing and happy working!

Kaitlin Wensinger PT, DPT


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