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Kath Anne Weber MPT, CFST-2


physical therapist


Kath Anne went to the University of Notre Dame (1989-1993) for her undergraduate degree. Not knowing whether she wanted to be an athletic trainer, physician, or PT she worked as a student trainer with the Notre Dame football team and other team sports. This gave her invaluable experience with all three careers. Given the nature of the PT work culture and ability to work with all ages, Kath Anne decided PT was the right path for her. She graduated with a Master Degree in Physical Therapy from University of Southern California (USC) in 1995. 



Kath Anne's specialty is Fascial Stretch Therapy, a dynamic assisted stretching approach that incorporates traction, movement in multiple planes, & light resistance work. FST is beneficial for both chronic conditions as well as athletes training for competition and many other therapeutic needs in between. In addition, she works with acute/subacute outpatient orthopedic injuries including ankle sprains, shoulder strains or impingement, neck pain, and lower back discomfort/stiffness,etc.  Kath Anne is trained in Functional Dry Needling as an adjunct modality to treat multiple conditions.



"Teamwork is key" and "Leadership and kindness" 

These two adages sum up Kath Anne's philosophy around physical therapy and life.  Growing up around sports (soccer, tennis, softball) she understands what it means to work as a team, listen to the coach, practice, and persevere.  She feels that working with patients using this team approach can help them succeed with their efforts and the support of their involved PT.  You can often see Kath Anne out in the gym doing the exercises with her patients as both an example but also as a cheerleader.  Finally, she realizes that being a leader with knowledge and expertise is important when patients are unsure of their condition and prognosis but kindness surrounding the whole experience is of utmost importance.  


Kath Anne lives in Erie with her husband, Erick and three children: Fritz, William, and Katelynn.  She continues to have passion for sport both for herself and her children. You can find them on the backpacking trails, tennis courts, ski slopes, and soccer fields. Or you may find her working on a craft or two, letting her creative juices flow!

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