Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a referral from my doctor?

NO! You do NOT need a referral from your dotor - TRY PT FIRST!

Physical Therapists in Colorado are licensed Primary Care Providers, allowing you Direct Access to Physical Therapy. This means our Physical Therapist’s are trained to be the first to evaluate your pain. A Physical Therapy Evaluation determines the source of your pain. If your evaluation determines your pain stems from a muscle or joint issue, then physical therapy is the proper first course of treatment and also the most inexpensive and non-invasive. If your pain is NOT determined as a muscle or joint issue, your Physical Therapist is licensed to refer you to a practitioner that is right for you and your condition.

To learn more about Direct Access, give us a call at 303 666 4151.

What insurances does CCPT accept?

We accept most major insurance plans! Don’t worry! If you don’t see your insurance company listed below, or if you have a high deductible plan, CCPT has very affordable cash rates and can arrange a payment plan that is just right for your budget! AARP
American Chiropractic Network
Ameriben Solutions
American Heritage
Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield
Banker’s Life & Casualty
CNIC Health Plans
CBA/Cooperative Benefit Administrators
Coventry Healthcare
Cover Colorado
First Health
Golden Rule
GEHA/Government Employees Health Association
Guardian Healthcare
Hartford Life
Mutual of Omaha
NALC/National Association of Letter Carriers
Optima Health
Optum Healthcare Solutions
PacifiCare/Medicare Advantage
PHCS/Private Healthcare Solutions
Physicians Mutual Life Insurance
Principal Mutual Life Insurance
Rocky Mountain Health Plans
UMR/United Medical Resources
United Health Integrated Services
United HealthCare
USAA Life Insurance Company
ALL major Auto & Work Comp carriers

How do I know if I need Physical Therapy?

Independently, a bump or bruise should get better with ice and rest within 48 hours of injury. Similarly, a minor muscle strain or simply overworking a muscle should recover within 10 to 14 days.

IF your pain persists beyond 2 weeks you should come to PT! Research shows if people come to physical therapy within 4 weeks of injury, recovery is 50% faster and costs 50% less in the end, than those who wait for the pain to heal on its own.

If your original pain is moderate to severe for more than 24 hours, this indicates a muscle or joint is truly strained. Though this pain may go away within two weeks, it is only because your body is able to compensate. Compensation is when one part of your body works harder to give the injured part a break (i.e. you start to limp after spraining an ankle). Though you might actually feel like you are healed, you are not off the hook! The part of your body that is overworking will eventually start hurting as well and THIS pain will not resolve until the original injury is properly rehabilitated.


We offer a FREE PT Consultation that tells you what’s causing your pain and what kind of plan of care will heal your pain. As a bonus, we provide you with self-care advice and an exercise (or two) to get you started on your recovery!

How long does it typically take to get better?

Our goal is to have you fully recovered and empowered to prevent re-injury independently within 6 to 8 weeks.

Our treatments range from 2 to 20 visits.

80% of our patients have fully recovered within 12 visits across 8 weeks.

Acute Pain (pain you’ve had less than a month) can be fully rehabilitated in 4 to 6 visits while Chronic Pain (pain you’ve had for more than 3 months) can take up to 20 visits.

Can CCPT help every time I hurt?


Our goal is to be your primary Physical Therapist for life, alongside your primary care physician.

We can help you at 16 after your softball shoulder strain, with your low back pain in your 30’s during pregnancy, and even after your total hip replacement at 65!

At CCPT, we work as a team. We have seven licensed Physical Therapists whose specialties range to cover all of your physical therapy needs. Some specialties you might not know about include: Vestibular rehab for dizziness, Women’s Health rehab for post-partum issues, and Associative Awareness Technique for chronic pain, PTSD & stress related health issues.

A benefit to seeing the same therapist throughout your life is the fact that you won’t have to retell your story! At CCPT, we document your history, and we get to know you, your body, and your goals so we can have you saying yes to LIFE at any age!

Though we don’t wish pain or injury on anyone at any point in life, accidents do happen! If pain is keeping you down, we want to help you get back to where you want to be, now and in the future!

I have multiple pains… Can you treat them all?


Physical Therapists are bio-mechanical experts, meaning we can make sense of how all the pains in your body are associated. Our treatment determines the root cause of your pains and improves your movement patterns to reduce stress and strain EVERYWHERE in your body. You might not realize that your knee and neck pain are related, or maybe it’s your hip and ankle – no matter the variety of pains, we can figure it out and help you get back to your full potential in health, wellness and life!