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Have you ever said 
“no” to
something you love, because your body hurt
too much?

At coal creek pt, Our goal is for you to say “yes” to everything

you want to do  — with a big smile on your face.

Say YES to everyday activities and your independence! 

Walking, Working, Driving, Household Duties, Sleeping, Eating, Shopping… 

You can even say YES to fun!

Hiking, biking, Swimming, Running, Dancing, Skiing, Playing with your Grandchildren...

Say YES to feeling better & living a life you love!


Because we love what we do! We are skilled and caring people who are passionate about helping our patients find the happiness and joy in their lives through pain-free motion. 

Patients return and physicians refer to Coal Creek PT because they can expect to receive the highest quality of care. It is with pride that we have served our community and neighbors, and have been trusted by the medical field for rehabilitation needs for 17 years.

And guess what? Skilled Physical Therapy is the most inexpensive and noninvasive way to recover from muscle and joint injury and pain. Research has proven that choosing PT first, within 4 weeks of the onset of pain, instead of rest and medication, will result in a higher recovery rate and cost 50% less.

Just like your primary care physician, Coal Creek PT is committed to being your Physical Therapist for life. We’re here to help you now and in the future, any time pain slows you down. Not only will we help get you back to where you want to be, but physical therapy with Coal Creek PT will give you the knowledge and skill to prevent your pain or injury from returning.

Yeah, that’s right. There IS a way to live pain-free, forever!


At Coal Creek PT, we use an integrated approach to healing. We combine unique types of hands-on, education and therapeutic exercise treatments so each patient sees lifelong benefits from their time spent with us.   

What you can expect during treatment at Coal Creek PT:

1. An extensive Initial Evaluation where you will:

  • Learn what’s causing your pain

  • Receive hands on treatment to immediately reduce pain

  • Receive an individualized effective and efficient exercise program to change the underlying cause of your pain

  • Get education on how to prevent the return of your pain

2. A unique combination of therapies and treatments:

  • Hands-on Therapy

  • Exercise Therapy

  • Specialty treatments tailored to you and your condition

At CCPT, you will ALWAYS see a licensed physical therapist.

Your treatment will be supported by:

  • A caring, organized, and helpful front desk staff to schedule your treatment plan in a way that works for you.

  • An in-house billing department to verify your benefits and help you get the most out of your insurance plan






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