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what are people saying about coal creek physical therapy?

"Wow! It was amazing, I felt the chronic pain subside so much right after. I love the welcoming feeling coming in. Thank you."

"I had pelvic issues following my baby delivery. I have gone from pretty much constant pain to occasional discomfort for a few minutes. Now, I am back to my normal activities and even able to keep up with a toddler. My physical therapist is a true wizard. They helped me patiently through my recovery, even when I was not having it. Pretty sure for us, laughter was the best medicine and it worked."

"My experience with PT at Coal Creek was great. I came in after I injured both my knees skiing. I was able to walk without pain but couldn’t run, go down stairs, kneel, or anything else. After seeing my physical therapist a couple of times, my balance improved and I was able to go down stairs. After a month of PT, I was able to start jogging for short periods of time. On a trail where I used to run, I can now jog for a few minutes, then walk, and then jog again. I am confident that I’ll be able to jog soon and eventually run. The staff and therapists worked around my schedule. I also saw my physical therapist a couple of times, and the transition was smooth. All therapists treated me and suggested exercises if needed. Overall, I am very happy with my experience here."

"After a horrible experience at another PT provider, I called Coal Creek and got an appointment the next week! The office was easy to find with tons of parking. The front desk staff was friendly and efficient. I'd filled out paperwork online ahead of time, so my first check-in was quick and easy! My physical therapist took me to a treatment room, asked good questions about my injury history and current pain and symptoms. They let me know they'd need me to do some diagnostic movements, which might increase my pain, but then would work on some treatment after. Which is exactly what happened. The first half of my visit was diagnostic, and the second half was treatment-related, with my physical therapist performing some really effective stretches on me, teaching me several at-home exercises, and ensuring I could do them correctly. I got a print-out detailing all the exercises with custom notes, making it super easy to do them at home. Their "bedside" manner was great—warm, caring, asked a lot of questions, and really knows their stuff! Overall, I am very happy with Coal Creek PT!"

"When I arrived for PT my first visit, I had pain in my left upper back and shoulder. I am happy to say that with the help of the magic fingers of my physical therapist, I now have significantly less pain. I do not have continuous pain, only rare low-level pain. I now have extended periods during the day without any pain at all. Great job by your crew."

"Coal Creek was miraculous at accelerating my healing process. Each visit, I saw a dramatic change for the good. My physical therapist was so nice and helped me a lot. Thank you so much, Coal Creek!"

"I have a history of childhood abuse, which I have recovered from greatly through counseling years ago. Recently, old issues resurfaced, causing an increase of severe anxiety and hypersensitivity. The AAT through Coal Creek helped so much to let go of some of the worst triggers of this anxiety and gave me the tools to address any other symptoms or anxieties that surface in the future. I am so thankful for this experience as it has taken my anxiety from very high-level to virtually nonexistent, and I believe that has helped me permanently close the door on some background thoughts that caused it. So thankful!"

"PT's took the time to do a solid evaluation and explained findings and an overview of the problem and Plan of Care. They were patient and caring. If one exercise didn't feel right, they modified it. I felt totally supported and confident that the treatments would help. In a short period of time, I was feeling much better and hopeful that I would continue to improve. Thank you, my physical therapist, for your support, treatment, and patience."

"My improvement has been great. I can participate in all physical activities again, and it has profoundly had a positive effect on my physical and emotional state. The therapists I had here were knowledgeable and encouraging. Their positive messages, guidance, and accessibility helped my progress. Thanks so much, and the staff was also very pleasant and professional."

"Sharp pains in left foot and left shin and pain in right knee. Dramatic improvement, knee pain is less and less severe. Pains in foot are gone. Improvements in footwear have helped too. The PT's gave great direction to stretching and exercises. Helped me to remember how my body works and feel each part's contribution. Looking forward to Spring and the rest of life - huge attitude adjustment!"

"I honestly teared up when I left today. I am so thankful I finally healed after a long battle with plantar fasciitis. Feeling like no other doctors or physical therapists were helping me, and then I met my physical therapist. They, and Dr. Gradisek, created a plan and helped me stick to it. Each time I was here, I was thankful for the family of therapists and staff and always left feeling happier and on track to healing. Thank you!"

"I had a high level of pain in my left hip. I have seen a dramatic level of improvement; the problem was identified and solved. I truly appreciate the compassionate care. My physical therapist is exceptional. Very knowledgeable, patient with all my questions, and reassuring when needed."

"Coal Creek really helped me a lot, from the first day that I came. I arrived crying, feeling very bad with dizziness, and my physical therapist was very kind to me. Their treatment was effective from the first minute. I return home laughing and feeling very well. With their physiotherapy, everything in my neck has improved a lot. I would like to thank them for their help. I appreciate everything they did for me."

"Coal Creek PT helped me in getting stronger and paying attention to my posture while helping me with my pain. They were kind and courteous, thorough at explaining treatment strategies. They helped me to get back to a more active lifestyle without the pain. I have been, and will continue to recommend others. As a therapist myself, I know what good treatment is, and these guys are good!!"

"I came in with left hip pain. It made it hard for me to walk, run, and play sports. My physical therapist helped improve my ROM, flexibility, and strength. Now I know proper stretches and exercises to help keep me strong and pain-free. I was able to reach my goal of returning to hockey and participating in tournaments."

"I feel my posture has improved. My neck is sooo much better. The exercises I was given have helped tremendously. My physical therapists are great! They listen well and make me feel like I have a say in my treatment. Thank you! Certainly will pass this along!"

"Neck and back pain. Huge improvement. No longer in consistent pain. I was in so much pain when I came in that it wasn't just helping me physically, but also mentally. I feel like I have been given my livelihood back. My physical therapist was wonderful. So comforting and really knew their stuff."

"I have been to several people prior to coming to Coal Creek PT. I was pretty discouraged about my shoulder, but after seeing my physical therapist just a handful of times, my condition has improved a lot. Also, I learned way more here than I did from any of the people I went to before, including a chiropractor and orthopedic. They showed me proper technique, which is what I think I was lacking!"

"Low back pain - much less pain. My physical therapist showed me how to bend, how to pick up my granddaughter. They also showed me exercises that tremendously helped. I have all the tools to take care of my back better. My physical therapist is very compassionate, and I appreciate their concerns and willingness to help. Thank you!"

"I came in on a recommendation from my primary care physician because I was having balance problems and pain. Coal Creek PT has worked with me to relieve my pain significantly and to improve my balance. I have learned numerous exercises to strengthen my legs, knees, and ankles, as well as taping to support my knees and heel wedges to support my ankles and knees. I imagine I will continue to improve as I continue to use the techniques I’ve learned to support my health."

"First of all, the staff is very friendly and cordial. I would recommend them highly. Therapists are well-trained, knowledgeable, and friendly (and all-around good guys). I have visited them for two different sessions and have very little pain. I am walking and standing without pain. Also, GREAT location."

"When I came in, I was in extreme pain in my neck. My physical therapist quickly assessed and explained what was going on. They also made a plan to get me back to my day-to-day physical, outdoor activities as quickly as they could, based on my progress. After a few weeks, I was feeling SO much better and today, I'm back to my normal activities. I appreciate their professionalism, knowledge, and ability to explain the problem in easy terms. Thank you! The front desk is very friendly, pleasant, and accommodating with schedules too."

"I came into the PT office with a walking boot on my left foot. I had no use of my calf muscle on my right leg and was in constant pain in both legs. Today, my pain is almost completely gone. I can move with my leg and ankle and have the use of both legs back to full working order. My physical therapist has been a miracle worker in getting me back to my original shape. PT has helped me to feel better and get my life back to normal."

"I've been very impressed with the care I've received here. Both therapists I've seen have been incredibly knowledgeable, friendly, and patient. After only a month of care, I feel a marked difference in my pain level. I am almost entirely pain-free at this point and continuing to heal. As I am dealing with ongoing chronic pain, it's been reassuring to have good help from such amazing providers."

I was a patient at your clinic for much of June and July, receiving treatment for injuries from a road bike crash in late May. I also received treatment for some older, imperfectly healed injuries that surfaced during the course of treatment. I cannot adequately convey my gratitude and praise for the work and treatment that PT provided. I have worked with other physical therapists over the years for various ailments and injuries, and your PT's are by far and away the best I have experienced. They are patient, professional and personable – brings the patient along, step-by-step, making sure they understand what is happening and why. They readily accept and incorporate feedback and is neither overly talkative nor awkwardly silent. They have a great attitude and is an advocate and champion of the patient, while respecting time schedules of both the clinic and the patient. All of the above attributes, of course, would mean little without results – and I am happy to say that the results are outstanding! You are to be commended for having a great staff and for delivering such an uniformly excellent physical therapy experience through the clinic and its staff. The front desk staff is friendly, professional and efficient. Honestly, I cannot claim to desire to make repeated visits, as that would be predicated on more injuries. (Realistically, though, it is perhaps unrealistic to hope otherwise…). For now, I can and have recommended Coal Creek Physical Therapy to several friends who are suffering from back and foot injuries, and I will continue to do so. Again, my sincere and heartfelt thanks for the exemplary staff and clinic that is Coal Creek Physical Therapy!


I CAN WALK AGAIN!! Thank you to my physical therapist and the Coal Creek PT team for all the hands-on care! It has made a big difference! The personal care and attention I have received over the past couple months has been great. I feel empowered and enabled to resume my daily life and continue to increase my exercise regimen. It’s been a long journey and I appreciate all the personal attention to get me to this point. Thanks!!


I had intense neck and shoulder pain from a car wreck in Nov 2015. Before coming to Coal Creek PT, my symptoms would spasm out of control with stress of any kind. I am 95 – 100% better. The treatment I received here has been absolutely amazing from the care my physical therapist have shown me, from their willingness to answer ALL of my questions – I feel so much better. Coal Creek PT helped me get there through the treatments with each visit, but also the motivation to continue with my treatment even though I was feeling so much better. I appreciated being told to look at my home care as medicine – it is also key to where I am now with feeling so good. Can’t tell you enough how special you all are – from the folks at the front desk to each person I’ve seen for treatment. I feel very cared for which adds to my successful treatment.


My physical therapist identified the cause of my debilitating foot pain on my first visit. The improvement was dramatic for me and I was able to change from waddling and limping with pain to walking and standing normally without worrying at all and without hurting. I feel so free and “fixed”. I am enormously grateful for being given my “happy feet” back. Thank you!


What a huge improvement after only 6 weeks! I came in with shoulder and bicep pain after playing tennis on vacation. I could not lift my arm up to reach a cup for coffee. My physical therapist diagnosed what was going on and through a series of exercises and treatments, I am now pain free. While there, I took advantage of their knowledge and asked about another ongoing issues. I had my hip replaced 4 years ago. Whenever I walked more than a mile, I would have to stop at a mailbox or sign post to stretch my thigh muscle, it hurt so bad. My physical therapist gave me ONE exercise and then a day later I was walking 3 miles with no pain! They also gave me a couple of exercises to strengthen my knees that have also been beneficial to me already. The best thing about my physical therapist is they never made me feel like I was a big baby. They assured me my feelings after my hip replacement were normal. They encouraged me to push myself and it would be okay. They were correct!! Thank you to my physical therapist and the rest of your friendly staff, too!


I was very embarrassed to be seen for stress incontinence. I was considering surgery when my doctor said that Coal Creek PT was great and to give it a try first. 8 weeks later my stress incontinence is gone. I cannot believe I was even considering surgery! My physical therapist was awesome at making me feel very comfortable with a problem not everyone is comfortable dealing with.


My issues had a few sources with stress being the one fueling the others (injuries, lack of strength). Pain was pretty much like breathing to me. At my first consult, they immediately recognized I needed AAT. My first session left me dumbfounded. I walked out feeling no pain and not really being stressed or overwhelmed about life and work. For the first time in my life, I had found a way of dealing with stress/pain! That gave me the courage to open up to my physical therapist about other issues I was experiencing. I have heard about women’s health PT and I was happy to experience what a difference pelvic floor strength has had in my life. I understood that healing happened when I integrate mind and body. For years I had done mental health therapy, which sometimes caused even more issues. My mental therapists would always highlight my stress levels and asked me to take care of myself. However, sometimes we just don’t know how to do that. Hearing my mental health therapist tell me I had to get my stress levels under control caused even more stress, because I tried without success. My doctor was in the same category. Once I started AAT with Coal Creek PT it all clicked into place. I learned how to successfully breathe to make a difference, and the rest of the phases tore down my armor and skepticism. Physical mobilization that seemed minor but was very impactful, combined with women’s health has changed my life for the best. Stress, anxiety, PTSD, pain, health, recovery, and life in general are no longer controlling my life. I cannot thank you ladies enough. You were exactly what I needed when my body was on fire from all those overwhelming forces. Thank you for teaching me so much and showing me that little things can make a huge impact in life and happiness. Impeccable timing, humanity & empathy.


I can’t say enough good things about my experience with Coal Creek PT. The office handled all billing, appointments and communication with insurance efficiently and with excellent customer service. My physical therapist was always supportive and encouraging about my progress. They were very patient, centered each session, and adapted and modified my treatment plan as my goals or needs changed. I felt I was treated holistically, and for my rehabilitation needs, addressing my emotional and physical dysfunction helped me achieve true wellness and healing. My physical therapist was very personable and approachable. They shared interest in my family and is an incredibly kind individual. They are a highly gifted therapist and I only regret not seeing them when my physical issues began years ago. What an excellent experience this was! Thank you!


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