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to our referring physicians

We are honored to treat your patients and our promise to you is to get your patients feeling better and living a life they love, as quickly as possible. We pride ourselves on following the “3 E’s". We strive to offer care that is: EFFECTIVE, EFFICIENT, AND EVIDENCE BASED.


  • We have been trusted in Boulder Medical Community for 17 years. 

  • We accept most insurance plans, + have flexible, affordable payment plans for any budget.

  • We can get your patients into our clinic within 24 hours!

  • We are skilled. All of our PT’s are trained in Manual Therapy, which is proven to reduce cost of therapy by 50%.

  • We keep you updated! You will receive hand-delivered, written evaluations, progress notes + discharges summaries to keep you updated on your patient’s care + progression.

How to refer to coal creek pt:

  • Fax us! You can fax your referral to 303 666 4166. Please include demographic information (full name + birth date).

  • Give the patient our business card + brochure.

  • Write a prescription for the patient on a Coal Creek PT script pad.

If you need our business cards, prescription pads, brochures, etc., email + we will gladly drop them off at your office at your convenience.

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