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Concussion: Fact or Myth?

1. A concussion is a traumatic brain injury?

2. Concussions will not affect my musculoskeletal system if I return to sport?

3. In regards to kids, boys are more likely to have persistent concussion symptoms as compared to girls?

4. A standard MRI will pick up a concussion?

5. If I didn't lose consciousness it wasn't a concussion.

6. A concussive impact causes a decrease in blood flow to the brain.

7. You have to get hit in the head to sustain a concussion

8. If my symptoms are gone it means I am recovered. 

9. After two years neurological injuries such as brain injuries no longer improve

10. You only need one symptom after an incident for it to be considered a concussion. 



1. Fact: Characterized as a mild traumatic brain injury concussions are nothing close to mild in symptoms. It is only characterized as mild secondary to the pathophysiology that is occurring. Think of a mild TBI as a software problem and a severe TBI as a hardware problem. 

2. Myth: athletes who had a concussion had 2 times greater odds of sustaining and injury as compared to non-concussed athletes. 

3. Myth: girls tend to experience symptoms longer than boys of the same age.

4. Myth: an MRI is designed to pick up structural injuries like a stroke or severe TBI. Concussions are functional injuries and thus are not detected by MRI. 

5. Myth: only 10% of of people who sustain a concussion lose consciousness.

6. Fact: After impact blood flow decreases for approximately 2 weeks! With persisting symptoms the altered blood flow may continue for longer.

7. Myth: a hit to the head or BODY can cause a concussion. This is because a concussion is caused by an acceleration/deceleration of the brain. So all you need is enough force through a direct or indirect hit to head or body for a concussion to occur.

8. Myth: Why... because the brain is still in a vulnerable state until it has reached full metabolic recovery. This means while symptoms may recover in 10-14 days after injury metabolic recovery can take 3-4+ weeks. 

9.  Myth: While early treatment is ideal improvement is possible no matter how far from the injury you are. 

10. Fact: after an incident you only need ONE symptom (headache, nausea, dizziness, confusion, blurry vision, drowsy, personality change, etc.) for it to be considered a concussion.

If you are suffering from a concussion or would like to get an expert opinion, give us a call at 303 666 4151. Your first appointment is on us!

Happy Healing!

Dr. Ashley Hoath PT, DPT, OCS


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