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Do you have a joint replacement surgery in your future? Are you putting it off because you're afraid of the rehab? Is your joint pain stopping you from doing what you want to do?

The presence of degenerative joints causes a decrease in a person's function resulting in muscle atrophy and whole body deconditioning. This deconditioning, which has likely been building up over years as the degeneration of your joint(s) has worsened, puts you at a significant disadvantage when it comes rehab after surgery.

Taking part in "prehab" prior to your surgery can make your rehab quicker and less painful and result in better outcomes with your joint replacement overall! Prehab can also reduce your joint pain that you currently have. A prehab program would consist of progressive strengthening and stability training, finding exercises that don't exacerbate your pain. By doing the right exercises to build up your strength, you will be setting yourself up for success when it comes times for rehab.


Don't let your joint pain stop you from doing what you love, and don't let your joint replacement slow you down. If you have a joint replacement planned in the next few months and want to get in a good round of prehab before then, schedule your initial evaluation with us at CCPT!


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