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Why is Posture So Important?!

We spend a huge part of our days sitting at the computer, using our cell phones, reading, and driving.

All of these activities tend to foster poor posture:

Your physical therapist will tell you that posture matters a lot. Why?

· Over time, poor posture can lead to lasting and long-term changes that are extremely difficult to correct

· Poor posture can lead to neck pain, headaches, and lower back pain

· If we get used to sitting with poor posture for long periods of time, our brain begins to create a strong connection or pathway between the way that we're slumped and how we want our muscles to be activated all the time. Postural muscles such as your scapular stabilizers and deep neck flexors then become weak, creating a never ending loop

· Poor posture can increase the shear stress put on your vertebral discs and nerves in your spine

· Poor posture can cause muscles to weaken and/or shorten

· Increased vulnerability for migraines and headaches

How do we fix posture?

· Make sure you are balanced when you are sitting, meaning make sure you sit with your weight evenly distributed across both pelvic bones. If you tend to sit cross

legged, make sure to switch which leg you cross over throughout the day so you don’t favor one side

· Make sure you sit with your chin tucked back to decrease the curve of your neck

· Your shoulders should be down and back and AWAY from your ears!

· Get up from your desk and move often

· Limit your phone time

· Come see a physical therapist! We can show you exercises, improve your joint mobility, improve muscle length to improve your standing and sitting posture.

Exercises that can aid with posture:

· Scapular retraction

· Theraband rows

· Seated chin tucks

· Foam roller pec stretch

Happy Healing!

Maggie Nguyen PT, DPT


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