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iva staats pt


physical therapist


Iva received undergraduate degrees in Exercise Physiology and Athletic Training from Miami University in 1992. She graduated Summa Cum Laude from Ohio University’s Physical Therapy program in 1995. 



Short of one brief stint in inpatient rehabilitation immediately after PT school, Iva has spent the balance of her 28+ years practicing in the areas of outpatient orthopedics and sports medicine. She utilizes a multi-faceted approach to treatment, combining soft tissue mobilization, joint mobilization, individualized therapeutic exercise programs, ergonomics and movement reeducation. Overall, she places a strong emphasis on manual therapies to augment her therapeutic progressions. 



Iva believes strongly in placing the patient squarely as an active member of the therapeutic team. Her treatment philosophy begins with a thorough evaluation not only of the acute complaint, but also of the entire kinetic chain to uncover underlying biomechanical compromise and pathology. She places a strong emphasis on patient education to maximize therapeutic benefit and long term resolution.  



Iva has recently moved from Ohio to Colorado and in her time away from the clinic enjoys outdoor adventures in her new geography—including hiking, kayaking and day tripping into the mountains. She grew up the child of an airline executive and has a passion for travel. She has two grown children and a lazy feline named Rudy.   

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