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Why it's important to stick to your Plan of Care (during holiday season + always!)

It's that time of year again! We are approaching holiday season and the end of the year. What does that mean for a lot of us? Busy schedules, sickness and a whole lot of (hopefully jolly) chaos. Even with all of the busyness and cheer that comes along with wrapping up the year, it's extremely important to make your health a priority so you can be your healthiest self for your family, friends and for yourself! From a physical therapy standpoint, this means sticking to your full Plan of Care prescribed by your physical therapist.

One of our favorite quotes we try to stick by at Coal Creek PT is "Movement is a medicine for creating change in a person’s physical, emotional, and mental states. When you become aware of why your body is important to you and what value it brings to your life, the way you take care of it changes." Take care of yourself, make your health a priority.

Tips for Sticking to your Plan of Care:

1. Understand the reasoning behind the Frequency + Duration of your Plan Your physical therapist prescribes a specific frequency and number of total visits to reduce your pain, change your movement patterns, and progress your strength, flexibility and stability and leave you able to prevent your pain and injury from returning, forever. This plan is individualized to heal your particular pain or injury and get you back all the things you need and want to do in your life and . No visit is expendable - we try to get things dons efficiently and effectively as possible.

2. Don't completely cancel any visits! If you have to reschedule a visit, we totally understand and are flexible to help keep you healing as fast as possible amidst your busy life. However, cancelling a visit slows your healing process and decreases your chances of full recovery. Most often, missing visits or self-discharging leaves you vulnerable to re-injury and your pain returning in the very near future. Our Front Desk Staff is more than happy to get you rescheduled whenever it's needed to support your fast and full recovery.

3. Put everything on your calendar! Your appointments and when you plan to do your exercises, 2x per day, for the duration of your plan.

4. Have a team of two PT’s as a backup, in case one of your PT’s is on vacation or sick. The frequency of your treatment is more important than the PT delivering it.

5. Feeling sick? As long as you are not contagious or feeling absolutely terrible, please come in! We have masks available for you and your PT to wear, and a PT treatment can often help you feel better.

6. Weather? We rarely close due to weather. Our clinic is in a pretty visible area, right off of South Boulder Road, and when there is snow, our parking lot and sidewalk is plowed. Plus, we have endless amounts of tea and hot cocoa to keep you warm :)

7. Finances? We never want finances or insurance benefits to get in the way of wellness, physical therapy is the cheapest and most effective and natural route to pain-free movement in all of the healthcare field. We have payment plans to fit any and a every budget and are happy to work something out with you.

Our goal is for our community to feel better and live a life they love! Help us help you by sticking to your Plan of Care this season, and always!

Happy Healing! Wishing you health, wellness and wonder this holiday season.

Coal Creek PT


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