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Pediatric PT: Does My Kiddo Need Physical Therapy?

Kids can join the fun at Coal Creek Physical Therapy too!

Here at CCPT, we can help with a variety of orthopedic conditions such as sprained ankles, ACL reconstructions, torticollis, juvenile arthritis, and virtually any other injury and/or trauma! We believe in developing individualized and unique treatments combining manual therapy and skilled exercise prescription to assist each child in reaching their highest potential. Whether the goal is to improve overall posture or to return to playing football, we can alter each treatment plan accordingly to match each child and family’s goals.

In addition, we can also address numerous neurological conditions including developmental/motor delays, coordination/balance disorders, idiopathic toe walking, among many others! After the initial evaluation, we like to include families and caretakers in each child’s physical therapy session in order to facilitate growth, progress, family education, and enhance each child’s function here in clinic and at home! And no, we don’t just give our kids an exercise sheet to perform at home; we make it fun by turning exercises into games so kiddos don’t even know they’re working hard!

Physical therapists at Coal Creek Physical Therapy can work with your kids to form independent and consistent home exercise programs to promote whole body strength, endurance, and encourage healthy lifestyles. We want your kids to be as active, healthy, and as happy as possible. If you notice that your child is walking on their toes, limping, or has recently sustained an injury, feel free to schedule a consultation and treatment so we can get them back on their feet as soon as possible! We love to see and treat kiddos of ALL ages so bring ‘em in, big or small!

Can’t wait to meet your kids!

Maggie Nguyen PT, DPT


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