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Annual PT Check Up

Have you ever gotten hurt and been told by a Physical Therapist, “This is why you got hurt.” Maybe it was lack of strength in a certain muscle group. Maybe it was decreased flexibility. Maybe it was mechanics that are less than ideal. Whatever it was, you were probably frustrated, thinking, “If only I knew about this before it caused an injury.”

Some leaders in the field of physical therapy are advocating for annual PT check ups just like you have with your primary care physician, your dentist, your optometrist, etc. This check up would allow for a Physical Therapist to assess the way you move to identify potential impairments that may lead to injury in the future. If we can identify the underlying impairment and correct it before it causes an injury wouldn’t that be great?!

In an annual PT check up, your strength, flexibility, endurance, and mechanics would be assessed. Like to rock climb? We’ll put you to the test to evaluate the muscles and mechanics necessary for success. Prefer to hike? No problem. We’ll examine different musculature and mechanics. Same goes for those with concerns about their working posture or handling of young children. Don’t have any particular activity in mine? We’ll do a general assessment from head to toe.

Can you see the benefit already? Preventing injury not only saves money on treatments later down the road but also keeps you in your activity without needing time off for recovery.

Come on in and let’s work together to keep you functioning at your highest level!

Kaitlin Wensinger, PT, DPT


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